Letters to the Editor

The lion will lie down with the lamb....

To the editor:

A transformation unprecedented has taken (is taking?) place in Kansas politics.

The past four years we’ve had a Democratic governor, Kathleen Sebelius. Her married name is that of a well-known Republican, for as a Republican Congressman, Keith Sebelius, represented this state.

Her first term she had a lieutenant governor, John Moore, who quit the Republican Party to run with her as a Democrat. The simple strategy worked. She won. He served. Well, whataya know?

Now she is in the running for a second term. This time, her lieutenant governor running mate is the Former Chairman of the Kansas Republican party, Mark Parkinson.

I saw and heard him today. I had never seen him in person, and he looks and sounds like an attractive, principled man. Mark was a guest at a monthly luncheon gathering of the Democratic party faithful. He has a height advantage, kind of a inherent look of nobility in his carriage worn by tall leaders of all stripes.

(Bin Laden is 6’5.”)

Mr. Parkinson is not that tall, but taller than the average democrat.

Democrats I know tend to be short and pudgy, as well as strapped economically. (Don’t want no short people, got nobody to love.)

He asked forgiveness from any he had offended in past political engagements, and pledged he has become a Democrat for life.(But he can’t do it as a short person.)

His talk centered on his two guiding principles, that Kansas is a better place than it ever was and continues to get better, and, if I remember correctly, his second guiding principle was surely for the goodly betterment of Kansas, to make it an even place to live.

Mr. Parkinson did not seem captivated by any idealistic Democratic dreams, like better health care, an end to the war in Iraq, real reforms in campaign financing, or a woman’s freedom of choice. Instead, he adopts a stance that is politically realistic. He pledged to keep making this a better place to live by increasing Kansas’ position of energy independence, good public education, and adding to our economic betterment by helping to bring more research facilities into the Kansas City area.

He assured us the campaign would be no shoo-in for him and Gov.Sebelius, and though they have a huge war chest by any past measures, raising more was his daily assignment..

And he seems to be getting the money, a reassuring thing to any democratic candidate. Nice to know SOMEONE’s getting money in this party. He admitted he got out of the GOP when he saw Paul Morrison leave the GOP to run as a democrat.

Candidates present offered supportive views. They’ve been hearing a lot when out on the street campaigning that citizens want a change and will support them in November. People in Kansas don’t want to return to the way things were a hundred years ago. The true believers insist must be done to restore God’s guidance, through them of course, upon our fair state.

Thus have we changed as democrats, welcoming Republicans into our fold, folks used to winning, our party’s fortunes appear to be on the rise. Let us hope that by working together we can bring the wingnut rule to heel.

And, quickly, before the economy collapses, bring the price of fuel to a level we can live with, or we may well be living like we did a hundred years ago out of harsh economic necessity.

—Hibbard Davis

(Culled from our MySpace page)

I am sooo looking forward to August 31. Will the paper be available online?
Maha Al-Emam, United Arab Emirates

On August 31 City Paper launches and Fly 92.7 becomes Fiesta 92.7. Conicindence? I think not.
Albert Alfonso, Wichita

I’m very happy that Mike is back. Something about his warped views makes me smile. F5 turned to shit after he left and it’s nice to see something better coming out. OK, enough kiss ass from me.
Sandy Harris, Wichita

I’m excited.
Jonathan Hicks, Wichita

Hell fuck yeah. Marlett is at it again, Matt, Jedd, Zach and Tiffany? Good to see you all in the mix. Props to all! Awesome!
Erik Mallory, Wichita

Move over Pennypower.
Chad Bryan, Overland Park

Long live Wichita City Paper! Wichita and Kansas rock! Represent, yo!
Lucy Alfonso, Wichita

Cool paper! (That’s what CP stands for, right?)
Chris Opperman, Los Angeles

Can’t wait to see the first issue! Wichita has missed a decent entertainment paper.
Jill Miller, Wichita